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Til Vega


Released October 20th 2023.

Josefin Winther - Fritt fall coverart.jpg

Fritt fall


Released May 6th 2022. 

Uendelig lys. Uendelig mørke

Uendelig lys. Uendelig mørke.


Released October 14th 2019. 


Raising armies


Released February 2011. 

Cover art. Album. Josefin Winther. If I Were You.jpg

If I were you


Released Februar 3rd 2023.

Album cover Josefin Winther.jpg

Hun som var her


Released April 12th 2021. 

Righteously wrong

Righteously wrong


Released April 2018.

Be proud or stay out of it

Be proud or stay

out of it


Released September 2008.

Walking home coverart.jpg

Walking home


Released November 25th 2022.

Helt hel coverart.jpg

Helt hel


Released April 20th 2020. 

Album cover Flowers lite.jpg



Released April 2015. 

EP cover

Josefin Winther


Released August 2006.

Upcoming live shows

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Previous live shows

27th of June 2019

Cafe ambrosia, Bergen

Akustisk intimkonsert på nabolagskafeen. Mer informasjon kommer. 

14th of June 2019

Hotel Norge, Bergen

Exclusive show case with full band. Presenting material from the upcoming album in the legendary Hotel Norge. More info TBA. 

9th of June 2019

Møkster, Austevoll

Intimate acoustic set on an island South-West of Bergen. Info here

25th of May 2019

Raa festival, Bergen

Konsert med band på Raa festival i Fana, Bergen. Mer informasjon her

27th of April 2019

Eides kafe og handleri, Osterøy

Akustisk konsert på Eides kafe og handleri på Valestrand, Osterøy. Billetter kjøpes i kafeen. Mer informasjon her

23rd of March 2019

Bod24, Bergen

Show with band. Pre sale of tickets only. Tickets here

30th of December 2018

Tempo Tempo, Bergen

After starting my annual tradition at Garage, I had to find a new place, now that the dear old rock club had to close. This year my "lille nyttårsaften-konsert" will be held at the beautiful Tempo Tempo. Free entry! 

2nd of December 2018

Ymse, Bergen

I am playing an acoustic show at Ymse. Reidar Opdal joins me on keys. Show starts 21.00. 

3rd of November 2018

Raftokonferansen, Bergen

Performance at the Rafto conference. More info to come. 

20th of October 2018

Bod24, Bergen

Show at Bod24 with band. More info TBA.

1st of October 2018

Lystgården, Bergen

Acoustic show at Lystgården in Bergen. 

21st of September 2018

Grieghallen, Bergen

Performing at the opening of Tendens interior and design exhibition. More info here

25th of August 2018

Kvarteret, Bergen

Performing at Rødt's Fest For Folk Flest at Kvarteret. More info here.

24th of August 2018

Huset Raa, Bergen

Acoustic show at Huset Raa. SOLD OUT. 

20th of June 2018

Lystgården, Bergen

Performance at opening party for Lystgården. More info here

29th of June 2018

Pride Art, Oslo

Performance at Pride Art exhibition closing party at Oslo Pride. 

23d of June 2018

Cafe Ambrosia, Bergen

Acoustic show at Cafe Ambrosia. SOLD OUT. 

20th of June 2018

Cafe Ambrosia, Bergen

Acoustic show at Cafe Ambrosia. SOLD OUT. 

8th of June 2018

Møllendal fetevare, Bergen

Acoustic show at Møllendal Fetevare. 

7th of June 2018

Pride Park, Bergen

I'm headlining at this years Bergen Pride. I am playing at the main stage on Festplassen. For more info go to

13th of May 2018

Antikvariatet, Trondheim

Release tour for the upcoming album. Show start 20.00. CC: 100,-

9th of May 2018

Hos Naboen, Kristiansand

Release tour for the upcoming album. Show start 21.00. CC: 150,-

3rd of May 2018

Chagall, Bergen

Release party for "Righteously wrong", celebrating the new single and video "Moving forward". Show start 21.00. CC: 150,- More info her

2nd of May 2018

Bortenfor, Oslo

Release tour for the upcoming album. Show start 21.30. Free entrance.

1st of October 2017

Kulturhuset, Oslo

Show start at 20.00.

More info coming up. 

30th of September 2017

Chagall, Bergen

More info coming up. 

Add Date here

Sjøboden, Mandal

Tickets 200,- 

More info here

28th of September 2017

Bøker & børst, Stavanger

Show starts at 20.00.

Free entry! 

27th of September 2017

Vaktbua, Kristiansand

Tickets coming up on

28th of April 2017

Ringerike fengsel

Returning the Ringerike Prison to play for the inmates. 

3rd of March 2017

UIO, Georg Sverdrups Hus, Oslo

Featured in the "Lunsj med kultur" series presented by University Of Oslo. 

22nd of January 2017

Johanneskirken, Bergen

Charity concert for "Barn på flukt". 

30th of December 2016

Garage, Bergen

6th annual show in Bergen on the least exciting night of the year. Free of charge as always!

7th of September 2016

Frøya Arena, Bergen

Playing at the grand opening of Frøya Arena in Bergen. 

28th of August 2016

Landåsfest, Bergen

Playing at the beautiful Landåsfest, promoting sustainability, community, local culture and delicious food.

30th of December 2015

Garage, Bergen

For the 5th year in a row Josefin Winther plays an exclusive show in the bar at Garage.

14th of December 2015

Ringerike fengsel

8th of December 2015

Logen, Bergen

Lys i mørket. Annual charity show for Kirkens Bymisjon.

16th of October 2015

Ole Bull Scene, Bergen

Josefin Winther møter Sigvart Dagsland. Billetter her.

25th of November 2015

Musikkflekken, Sandvika

More info to come

30th of May 2015

Grevehagen, Bergen

More info here

18th of April 2015

Tårnsalen KODE, Bergen

CC: 200

More info here. Tickets for sale here.

15th of April 2015

Familien, Trondheim

CC: 100

More info here.

13th of April 2015

Herr Nilsen, Oslo

CC: 120

More info here.

11th of April 2015

Bøker & Børst, Stavanger

CC: Free

More info here.

10th of April 2015

Sjøboden Live Scene, Mandal

CC: 200

More info here.

9th of April 2015

Hos Naboen, Kristiansand

CC: 100

More info here.

7th of March 2015

Madam Felle, Bergen

Rett Sted Rett Tid festival at Madam Felle. More info here.

20th of February 2015

Pecha Kucha, Bergen

Headliner at Pecha Kucha night in Bergen, with speakers and artists performing.

30th of December 2014

Garage, Bergen

Annual show in the bar at legendary Garage in Bergen. And it's free entrance as always.

17th of November 2014

Grieghallen, Bergen

Mercy Ships event. For more information click here.

28th of October 2014

Cosmopolite Soria Moria, Oslo

Acoustic performance at the 1p year celebration party of Nettverk etter Soning. More info here.

4th of October 2014

Lille Ole Bull Scene, Bergen

Acoustic show at Lille Ole Bull Scene in Bergen. Information about presale tickets coming soon. Facebook event.

3rd of October 2014

Sjøboden, Mandal

Acoustic show at Sjøboden in Mandal.

More info on Facebook event.

2nd of October 2014

Skapåbar, Haugesund

Acoustic show at Skapåbar in Haugesund. For more info, go to Facebook event.

9th of August 2014

Rúbin Auditorium, Reykjavik

Acoustic set at Reykjavik Pride Ball in
Rúbin Auditorium in Öskjuhlíð.


6th of August 2014

Sundhöllin, Reykjavik

Acoustic set at Reykjavik Pride event called Diving Divas.


28th of June 2014

Sentrum Scene, Oslo

Headlining with band at Sentrum Scene on Europride.


24th of June 2014

Aksept Hagekonsert 2014, Oslo

 More info here.

5th of June 2014

The Thief, Oslo

Acoustic solo show at The Thief in Oslo.


2nd of April 2014

The Bedford, London

Showcase at The Bedford in London.

CC: Free


28th of March 2014

Garage, Bergen

 Full show with band, and Carl Espen as special guest.


7th of March 2014

Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo

Acoustic solo show at the release party for Fett Magazine.

CC: 30 / 100


2nd of March 2014

Pygmalion, Bergen

Acoustic show with Carl Espen as a special guest.

CC: 50,-


1st of March 2014

Bøker & Børst, Stavanger

Acoustic show with Carl Espen as a special guest.

CC: Free


1st of March 2014 - 2pm

Biblå, Stavanger Bibliotek

Acoustic show with Carl Espen as special guest.

CC: Free

28th of February 2014

Charlies Bar, Kristiansand

Acoustic show with Carl Espen as special guest.

CC: Free


27th of February 2014

Sjøboden, Mandal

Acoustic show with Carl Espen as special guest.

CC: Free


26th of February 2014

Familien, Trondheim

Acoustic show with Carl Espen as special guest.

CC: Free


25th of February 2014

Midgard, Horten

Acoustic show with Carl Espen as special in auditoriet at Midgard Historisk Senter, Borre.


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